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HD-SDI Wiring Harness/Looms for 1 ½” inch Centre Posts Upgrade

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For those of you who may be considering upgrading their Sled to HD

we currently have several HD-SDI Wiring Harnesses/Looms available, which are

purpose-built for 1 ½” inch Centre Posts.

The Specs are as follows:




The cord consists of a coiled section with a straight tail on either end of it.  Each straight tail is approximately 1 metre/39 inches long.

The extra length in the tail gives the operator two options:

  1. The electrics person can cut off the extra length, strip off the outer sheath, and use the inner wires for the internals of the upper and lower junction boxes. This provides consistency throughout the wiring on the rig, with no need to spend time sourcing materials elsewhere.
  2. There is sufficient length to enable the cord to be installed into a Super Post.


  • 4 cores, 18 AWG (red, black, green, white)
  • 2 cores, 26 AWG (red, black)
  • 4 cores, 28 AWG (red, black, blue, yellow)
  • 1 x RG 179 75-ohm mini coax (for HD-SDI)
  • Wire configuration/order matches that of the industry standard
  • Outer jacket colour: Black
  • OD of the cord to suit standard Lemo plug
  • OD of the coil to suit the inner diameter of 1 ½” inch centre post

In addition, the wire is configured the same throughout the cable, resulting in a mirror image no matter where it is cut. This will make your electrics technician very happy.